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What Regret?

I asked my husband a few weeks ago if he had regrets.

He answered with an unequivocal, clear, “Yes”.


What is it Amanda?!” He blurts out after I stayed silent considering his response.

I don’t have any regrets.” -Me

You’re a liar.” –Him

Having regret or not having regret isn’t something that is right or wrong. This isn’t something I would attempt to change about him or anyone.  

Everyone’s journey is unique and different.

So what if my husband lives with regret and I don’t…makes me think that I must just look at things a bit differently.

There are times when I act like asshole or do something completely idiotic or damaging (mostly to myself).

There might have been a time in my life in the past when I definitely would have regret and wish I would have acted differently. But I don’t do that anymore.

I believe what changed this for me was accepting, completely, that every breathe that is taken isn’t without meaningful implications (whether you are conscious of it or not). If everything is meaningful, then you can’t pick and choose which ones you would like to experience. It’s kind-of an all or nothing thing.

To me, living a life without regrets is having courage to own my actions and the integrity to say I am sorry (a lot) to others, but more importantly to myself.

Taking a moment to sincerely apologize while continuing to look forward and embrace what is happening now (not rehashing –over and over again- the bad things that happened in the past).
It seems the experiences that hurt the most are the ones that teach us the greatest lessons. They hold the greatest opportunity for self reflection and growth.

The only thing standing between you and a life without regret is you.

“Regret is insight that comes a day too late.”


  1. Thank you for YET ANOTHR AWESOME thought provoking post!!

    I now ENJOY living a simple day...with that underlying inquiry..Would i have any regrets tmrw if i did/didnot say/do such and such?

    Reading your post has made my day to days more SOLID and i am able to feel Confident i truly indeed have done/said/acted the best as I SEE FIT !

    1. for me, regret is an emotion that a person feels when they feel powerless.

      being courageous and grateful- there is no room for regret ; )


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