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9 Practical Reasons for Babywearing

I’m a virgo and I’m all about practicality. I consider my slings, wraps and carriers one of my most useful and economical possessions. Here is a no-nonsense list of why I like to “wear” my babe.

No cost weight training

Wearing my baby in a sling burns more calories which results in a guilt-free slice of chocolate cake after dinner.

Contributes to my helicopter patenting style

Instead of running loose in crowded or dangerous places, a child in a sling is held safe and secure right next to your body which results in less panic attacks worrying your child might somehow run free in the parking lot.

I’m cheap

I made a sling once out of an old tan bed sheet. Have you looked at the prices of strollers or “carrying” systems lately?!

You can mostly often find used slings, wraps or carriers at consignment stores too…which also means you can sell your slings/wraps when you are all done with them, woo who!

Blame it on the baby

If you fart, burb or make some other odd bodily noise, its much easier to blame it on the baby when you are carrying them in a sling. More bean dip anyone?

Hello Convenience

Not having to worry about negotiating steps, crowds or narrow aisles with a stroller is nice. I can take the most direct route to wherever I want to go without mapping out a route first. Also, people tend to move out of your way more quickly when you are heading at them in a hurry with a baby.

Quick way to “wear” them out

Babies who are carried in a sling are sure to have a busier view than babies who just lie around. A Saturday morning at the market carrying Charlotte around always leads to long and restful nap for both parties involved.

I can wear a sports bra all day

This is reason enough to go out and buy a sling. Since my top is mostly covered up when I am babywearing, I could care less if my boobs look like two flat pancakes.

I can make friends too (while wearing a sports bra)

When you use a sling or a carrier it gives you a free pass to talk to other babywearers. You are also permitted to employ the secret hand wave(s), notoriously implemented by motorcycle drivers.

The Two-finger Flip- Here, the initiator is sending a clear signal that he acknowledges you.

The Dis- Dating back to the days when rival motorcycle gangs roamed the streets

The Geek- reserved for the new riders

I always win the “My ‘purse’ is more expensive then yours” game

It’s fun to see a single person carrying around a $400 coach purse when I am carrying something that cost approximately a quarter of a million dollars to raise – nevermind if my shoes are 15 years old and I have an old ketchup stain on my jeans. (click here to find out how much it will cost you to raise your baby)

It Creates a Toddler-Babywearer

Seeing my toddler baby-wear her Barbie on a walk around the block is one of the sweetest things to witness – next to seeing her breastfeed a mermaid and put a cloth diaper on a tiger.


  1. Lol on the "my purse is more expensive than yours" reason! Great post, Amanda!

  2. I use a sling with my baby around the house, but how do I carry his diaper bag and all the other baby things if I want to wear him outside? Also, what donindo in the winter time to keep him warm?

  3. If i wear my baby outside or to the store - i usually only carry stuff i can fit in my pocket - a key, my debit card..thats the basics.

    in the winter, ill wrap my coat around us both and walk quickly into the store.

  4. I. Blame. My. Baby. For. Farts. Everyday. It's amazing. I love your wit, and your wraps, and your ketchup stain!



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