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5 Reasons I Might De-Friend You on Facebook

Image by Jim Cooke
The top 5 reasons why I have de-friended or blocked people in the past on FB, if that happens to be someone reading this, then it’s unfortunate that I can not block you from this blog *smile*.

5. Compulsively Updating Your Status with Humdrum Life Details

I don’t care to know if you just finished your laundry.

Before you hit the update status, you might want to ask yourself if people really care if you are eating lunch at lunchtime or if I already know it’s raining outside.

4. Zombie Farm Gemstone Crap

If you have a terrible problem with neglecting your life, family and friends because you play Farmville 23 hours out of the day, then you might get de-friended or blocked completely.

This also applies if you ‘share’ more then one picture a day with a cat/cartoon in it.

3. You’re a Stalker

Did it seriously take you 1 second to comment on my update status at ?


2. Poor Me

Telling everyone how terrible your life is EVERYDAY isn’t something people enjoy. I can only give my sympathies for a good 3 months and then you’ll be blocked if you haven’t resolved your life’s problems by listening to my sound advice.

1. I Thought You Were Cool, Once

Sure, I remember coming across you on facebook and thought it would be great to reconnect from highschool. I always thought you were really witty and cool.

Then I realized you weren’t.


  1. Glad I'm not the only one!

  2. There is a 6th..."You cannot contribute rational thought to a conversation or a debate"

  3. I love that you commented on this Adam LOL - and i whole heartedly agree!


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