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"Are You Mom Enough?" Hell Yeah I am!

Let me say that again.

Hell yeah I’m Mom Enough!

I’m not going to feed into the attempt by Time magazine to make a mother question her confidence as a fabulous, wonderful, providing mother - whether or not they practice extended breastfeeding, cosleeping, babywearing or any other tenants of attachment parenting.

I do practice these – but it doesn’t make me any better then anyone else. I think I’m fabulous and “mom enough” because of much more then these aspects of my parenting “style”.

What a terribly blatant attempt to sell magazines.

Plus it makes people that do practice extended breastfeeding look like judgemental asshats. Ugh! 

I’m not even going to address the cover. Ok, maybe real quick -  I know a few moms that breastfeed into toddlerhood and I doubt any of them have done so standing up, with their child on a stepstool, posing for a photo. What a friggin joke!

It’s sad enough that there are fewer then 15 percent of babies breastfed through the age of six months (even though the World Health Organization recommends continuing to breastfeeding to 2years old and older).

I doubt this cover is making any soon-to-be moms point and say, “Oh, looky-there, I want to do that.” Not publicly - not in our culture anyways.

This cover is not about sparking a rationale discussion about the benefits of attachment parenting or extended breastfeeding, both of which are subjects commendable of an academic examination. No, I’d say it’s about selling magazines and making moms out there question whether they are good enough or not.

Comparing, judging and sizing up how other mothers raise their children isn’t going to make for a happy mom or child(ren).

I think this cover has the potential to hurt mothers out there if they let it – but it also carries with it the potential of empowering mothers!

Say, “Hell yeah, I’m mom enough!”. No matter what a magazine tries classify you as!  

I’m a better mother then I was last week and I’ll be a better mother then I am today, tomorrow. No one, especially a silly magazine cover, can make you feel inferior without your permission!

Rock on Mommies

Support each other and be the example you wish your children to become!

Self doubt, uncertainty, and insecurity and definitely not qualities I want my little girls to have.

Screw you Time magazine.

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