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6 Life Lessons Learned From My Backyard

People spend thousands of dollars on spiritual retreats to spas or resorts– funny how life’s lessons are as close as our backyard...

Lesson 1: Through death and through life, our function in life is eternally evolving.

Once an old, steel electrical pillar – we made second use to house baby birds during spring

Lesson 2: Never be too proud to ask for help

Elizabeth has now mastered the art of swinging high, but not after asking for help from the people she loves. Great Lesson.

Lesson 3: The deeper I know myself, the clearer I understand others. Accept people for who they are.

Ferns symbolize sincerity towards others. We have a fern ‘garden’ near the steps of our deck.

Lesson 4: If you want to feel rich, simply count all of the things you have that money can’t buy.

Playing barefoot with my family in the backyard makes me feel so blessed and rich.

Lesson 5: Live with purpose

We watched ants work diligently for weeks on these Peony buds, opening them up to full bloom

Lesson 6: Life will not present problems without solutions.

This small birth bath has a little angel on the edge. For a lot of people angels represent divine communication. It’s important to remember God is always talking to us, not in voices, but in thoughts, impulses and happenings. The message is, “You are loved. Life is not as bad as you think. You can make things better.”

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