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Thank you

I have taken it upon myself to delete some of the prior posts due to insignificant citing. Please know this was not done to be deceitful or hurtful in anyway. My only goal is to continue to correctly spread information regarding vaccine awareness, home birth safety, and holistic family lifestyle choices.

I am excited about the future of this blog, as it will be completely backed by scientific sources, accurate citing and personal experience. Thank you all for your support.

I believe every single moment in life happens for a specific reason. It is up to us how to react to these moments.

Thank you for making me better.


  1. well, thats good to do that for those reasons. i completely understand why you would think you would need to do that.

    if you did so because of what an unemployed, self-centered slacker says, thats not so good.

    you are a great mom and provide for your children the best you can and strive to teach them the basics: love everyone, hard work gives great reward, respect others, etc. sitting at home and letting the government pay for your existence teaches children that they don't have to work hard, someone else who does will pay for you. you are a good person who could have written a lot of bad things about said person, but you choose to be a grown-up and act as such. others should definitely do that. taking to the internet and a group of small minded followers, who like to spread hate and make hateful internet posts about people that are made to cause pain, are low-lifes and their opinions should mean nothing to you.

    to think this all came from someone who interpreted something you said as something you didn't mean. said person, if they were ever a friend, should have actually tried to talk to you before jumping to conclusions, and to the internet to bash you, because what someone types can come off differently than what is meant or felt. that person wants to talk down about you, but acts like a child on a regular basis, among other bad qualities and choices.

    i'm proud of you and proud that you make researched decisions. you think with your head and your heart. following just one, can end with bad results. like your friendship with said person above. you know how i've felt about that person for a long time and i have to say i hope you never go back to being friends. said person is a negative ball of energy that spreads like cancer. its her way or no way and she will resort to name calling and childish antics to try to prove her point, which is usually flawed and childilike. you treat matters with grace and respect, even for those who don't deserve it or give it out.

    you are a grown-up and i'm glad you act like one too. i love you and can't wait to read more. cited or not, posting information that can help someone is just that, helping someone. to help someone to make a different decision or to actually think about things and do research themselves is amazing. i'm glad you posts aren't self-centered, full of hate towards others and filled with how awful life is. you strive for excellence and has paid off in your life. you have a great family, a loving husband and 2 beautiful girls, a lovely home. you are healthy, your family is healthy. and you did it on your own, through hardwork and determination. you are to be commended for that. you are living proof that when can succeed when you put your all into something.

    i love you. i'm proud of you. and you are one of the best people i know. i cherish that i have you in my life and that i have a sibling that as perfect as you. you are part of me and always will be. that's what love and true friendship leads to: a lifelong friendship that is loving and respectful.

    you are one in a million. i love you, sisturd!

  2. Anonymous12/15/2011

    I was wondering what happened to the vitamin k post, I just read it the other day and tried to go back to it today, only it's gone. lol. Anyway I have been looking for info on the vitamin k/leukemia link. I thought I had read somewhere that the increased risk of leukemia is not nearly as bad as some people say (one person on a chat room today said 1 in 500 get leukemia after the vitamin k shot. If that were true I have a hard time believing it would still be administered) anyways.... now I'm rambling. keep it up. I like your blog.

  3. Thank Anna : ) I'll do another Vitamin K post to replace the one I had, but if you think about vitamin k in general - the administeration of the injection to every child, do you think that every child born has some freak deficency that requires human intervention to fix it??? Think about this...maybe there is a reason a newborn is born with a specific amount of vitamin k .... :) A reason we have yet to figure out. Just because we dont know why, doesn't mean we should attempt to change it. Keep on searching for more info, and thank you so much for the comment!!

  4. Thank you James for the support.

    I will only say I have love for her and I hope for her the best.


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