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The Deepest Part of The Heart

Everyone on this planet has a connection.

And there are many, many, many paths; it is all the same one manifesting in different names, different faces, different forms.

All paths lead to the same result, as all religions have the same common denominator. Love.

Unconditional love is not selective or exclusive. Because we are one, how can we love this one more then that one? That is separation.

Living in devotion and love to each other will cause a transformation.

It is in devotion and in love that we will find everything.

Be  grateful; be humble. Gratefulness is a state of openness that allows us to approach each other.

Devotion, love, giving – is our true nature. Why do we keep it bottled up?


We must learn how to situate ourselves in the deepest part of the heart. Constantly drop to the deepest part of your heart, and from there live your life. And what is in the deepest part of your heart is your soul, and your soul is love.

Give love. Do not hold on to it.

The potential you have with love is so incredible, so unconditional, so selfless. It exists to give.

Love more today then yesterday.

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