About Me

My name is Amanda and I’ve been writing about my journey through motherhood, marriage and the-like for 6 years now.


I’m 32 years old, live in NE Ohio and hold two degrees in sociology and psychology. It wasn't until after I completed college that I became fixated on quantum theory and mechanics. My fascination with the quantum world, for me, was the catalyst of changing how I viewed the world and my role in it.

If you've read my blog then you realize that I have an enthusiasm for learning about health - particularly our innate, natural ability to maintain and establish health.

Despite being a writer and researcher, I am also a fulltime mom, full time wife and hold a full time job in the plastics industry. I also have a handcrafted bodycare business called NOURISH....and I don't ever plan to stop experimenting, learning and participating in this precious gift we call life.

Spirituality is something that I am also very passionate about and love to discuss.



 I have two precious daughters who teach me so very much, everyday.


Elizabeth (4 years old) 



Charlotte (2 year old)







  1. Hi. I saw a post of yours on babycenter and am thinking we worked with the same midwife. My daughter is 3 now and I'm 4 months pregnant with baby #2. I was hoping I could talk with you about your experience, as I wasn't planning to go with the same person, but my husband thinks I should. Since your daughter's birth was more recent, I thought it would be helpful to talk with you. Could I email you directly?

    1. yes - please email me at akulick30@gmail.com


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