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Path to Happiness

Last week was one of the most inspiring weeks I’ve ever experienced. I’m not sure why, there was nothing particularly note worthy going on in my life – but I still experienced restless nights filled with grand ideas, striking revelations and endless personal goals. 

Today, I wanted to share a few pictures of my family enjoying spring and a walk to the creek... as well as some things that help me be filled with energy and a positive attitude.

1. Purpose

I think a good way to find out your purpose in life is to realize what is NOT your purpose.

Realizing that making everyone happy and comfortable was not my purpose in life was something that benefited me greatly. Though I am genuinely sorry and it’s never my intention if someone feels offended or gets upset, but I’m not going to change who I am to make someone feel better about themselves.

My purpose, right now, is to be a wonderful role model for my daughters (and my husband). For me, this entails always asking questions and giving my best. I also want to be a spiritual role model for them – showing them that they can experience divinity in every aspect of life and nature.

2. Enjoy Life

If I wasn’t happy in what I was doing, then I wouldn’t be doing it. Seriously.

Now you might ask, are you really happy when you have to clean the kitchen? And the answer is, yes, I truly do get joy from my basil scented kitchen cleaner and the blinding shine emanating from my countertops.

Am I happy when I have to clean up cat throw up – no, I’m not, so I make my husband do it. (thanks babe)

Life should be cherished – in an moment everything has the potential to change, that is the perspective I carry. I smile and I enjoy life.

4. Harbor Forgiveness (And Ask For It Often)

condition by an emotional link that is stronger than steel.

Forgiveness is the only way to dissolve that link and get free.

– Catherine Ponder

In my opinion, there is nothing so bad that cannot be forgiven. Nothing.

Some might argue (my husband for example) in the case of child abuse or, say, the Holocaust, that these people have no “right” to forgiveness –it must be earned. I am not defending these actions, but they can be forgiven. In extreme cases like these, one must forgive everyday.

In my experience, if you are at war with others you cannot be at peace with yourself. Being willing to forgive can bring a sense of much needed peace.

In my opinion and my own experience, forgiveness is the most important single process that brings peace to my soul and harmony in my life.

Forgiveness is not something we have to do, but something we must allow to flow through us. The closest one can come to the Divine (to God) is to forgive. (In many cases, this means forgiving yourself!)

5. Surround Myself with Positive People

It is imperative to me to surround myself with those people who are going to challenge me, help me grow, and educate me along the way.

In the past, I had wasted so much time trying to change the perspective of negative people without any success that I took a review of my strategy. I now make it a point to be around people who tend to do three things (1) appreciate what they have (2) appreciate the potential in circumstance (3) look forward instead of revisiting the past.

This is not to say there is no room for these people in your life because I believe there is something to be learned from each individual we come into contact with.  Even those who may bring us down offers us a lesson that we can take with us as we continue on with life.

6. Be Grateful

When you experience an outcome you have the power to choose to fight or resist.

Even when terrible events happen, our perception of something going wrong is only a perception, that is all. A misguided perception.

Nothing ever goes "wrong”. It is only based on a lack of deeper understanding. When you have developed a crystal clear understanding that all things work for the greater good no matter how seemingly bad things may appear it becomes much easier to show gratitude, always.  

It's important for me to recognize and express gratitude for the fact that EVERYTHING in my life is a miracle.

It's just a matter of paying attention to this miracle.

– Paulo Coelho


coming soon ...


  1. Wonderfully stated!!

    yes..purpose...the What and Why
    yes..Reason ..As in Desiderata..."whether or not it is true to you; the Universe is unfolding as it should"..

  2. I read a quote from an artist called joe budden it read something like holding resentment against someone is like pissing on yourself nobody can feel it but you. I love this post very much


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