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Common Reactions from a Crunchy Mama - GIFs style

Here are some common reactions from someone living and parenting in a more natural approach… and although these pictures below are used in a comical manner, there is an underlying genuine meaning to this post. 

I use the word ‘reaction’ purposefully in the title because reacting is something we should do our best at preventing - at least I know I do, for my own sanity.

I get it - I know that it is not only challenging to be a parent, but place that in combination with living and embracing lifestyle choices that are not yet common in mainstream parenting – you can find yourself being confronted on a daily basis.

If we are able to interrupt our REACTION and instead CHOOSE how we RESPOND, then the situations that tend to harm others (physically, mentally and emotionally) can be reduced.

When someone says and does something that we might not necessarily choose for ourselves/children, be confident in your own choice – so much so, that you do not feel threatened by the choices made by others.

As you go through this day, make a deal with yourself to observe how you impact others!


‘I turned out just fine’ from ________ (insert any nonsensical societal/medical tradition)

When I see a complete stranger wearing an Ergo carrier.

When someone tells me co-sleeping will result in a clingy kid that will never leave my bed 

When I find another crunchy mama that lives in my neighborhood 

My reaction to the ever so common argument: “Formula is just as good as breast milk.”

People who say that organic, whole food isn’t any better then conventional pesticide, GMO crap.

The feeling I get as soon as I comment on a circumcision debate in online forum 

When my daughter picks up anything at the store, looks at the ingredients and puts it back on the shelf

When I hear someone is planning on trying for an au natural birth

Every time I go to a natural food/health store

that one time, I watch that one documentary that made me cry like a baby. (who I am kidding, every documentary I cry like a baby)

Being told your kids need to be vaccinated to go to school

And then finding a doctor that supports your choice to file a vaccine exemption 


  1. This was hilarious! I featured it on this weeks Simply Natural Saturdays link up at Thanks for sharing! :)

  2. hahahaha - Love it! Ah, all the times I just want to say "Shut up."

  3. Unreal :) Made me laugh!

  4. YES!!!! So many of these are ME but of course the best is "The feeling I get as soon as I comment on a circumcision debate in online forum"

  5. Awesome! That cracked me up. I'm still on my route to crunchy, but this was great.

  6. This is a nice collection of comments + GIFs. Nice work!


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