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A Moth to the Flame - Blinded by the Light

This space has been shaped and transformed by each reader that has touched my life.

In the last 6 years writing and researching, I have yet to clarify the title, Blinded by the Light.

So with that, here is a restricted piece of me, shared and exposed to you.

The Light
The parable of the Moth

It is not yet fully understood why moths are attracted to artificial light sources, but there is no denying that moths will float and cluster to a light source without delay once it is presented to them.

As a caterpillar, a moth will spend the majority its life devouring it’s sustaining source of life - foliage and leaves.

Considered an invasive insect, the caterpillar will eventually shed it’s skin for the last time revealing it’s chrysalis. While inside, the body will break down into imaginal cells which will re-place themselves back into a new shape.


When the moth is ready to emerge, the body will work at pulling itself through a small hole, each early attempt will result in failure – progressing ever so slowly, basically unperceivable.

Yet, in this delicate state -  if the moth is assisted in any way, you will find the moth to be so badly deformed that it cannot fly and will eventually die shortly after.

As we see, this struggle shapes the moth – giving form to the body, forcing the fluid into the wings.

It has been theorized that, in fact, moths are not attracted to the artificial light itself. Rather, the moths (like all sighted creatures) see a ‘Mach band’ which is the region surrounding a bright light source that appears darker than the surrounding environment with the aspiration of seeking refuge from predators of the night.

Oblivious and unaware to their actual reality, the moth is distracted and disoriented by the artificial light. Feeling secure and protected, the moth seeks sanctuary in the illusion of darkness cast by the brightly lit false light.

The Lesson


Excerpt from Biocentrism (written by Dr. Robert Lanza, the Chief Scientific Officer at Advanced Cell Technology):

“While I was sitting one night with a poet friend watching a great opera performed in a tent under arc lights, the poet took my arm and pointed silently. Far up, blundering out of the night, a huge Cecropia moth swept past from light to light over the posturings of the actors. ‘He doesn’t know,’ my friend whispered excitedly. ‘He’s passing through an alien universe brightly lit but invisible to him. He’s in another play; he doesn’t see us. He doesn’t know. Maybe it’s happening right now to us.”


Are we similar to the huge Cecropia moth? Blundering on in the darkness, oblivious to the Light within us and emanating from all things around us?  

Like the caterpillar, we are each profoundly blessed with a transformation onto this plane of existence. We struggle, strive – thrive and become stronger through our experience of life. And like the moth, all the while, artificial light beckons us during our journey – promising false security.

The genuine Light is within you, within us.

We all return to each other in the end…or rather, what our human comprehension recognizes as the end. Your true Home, my true Home.

We carry a piece of our Home within us – I urge you to recognize and honor the Oneness with everyone and everything you experience today.

Blinded by the Light - by Amanda Kulick


I traded my Home for wings,

I traded my security to fly.

Now I blunder in the in the darkness.


Blinded by the light,

all that I witness outside is false.

For the true illuminating Light is within.


No need to pursue Truth,

with fragile wings and courageous flight.

The rhythm of my heart bursts with It.


Each pulse comforting me:

I left Home,  

but Home never left me.

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