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5 Things I’ve Learned In 5 Months

Having a sister is a powerful bond.

Something I never had the joys of experiencing first hand, until now that is. Of course, I could provide examples of what I see as an outsider, and as a mother – but the connection, attachment, and friendship between my two young daughters I would never attempt to say I understand completely.

Even at such a young age – I assumed that they would eventually build a relationship over time, but I never realized how immediate and intense the union between them would develop.

It’s amazing and it only makes my life even more full.

Watching a father with his daughter is amazing, but with two daughters, it’s astonishing.

Witnessing a boy become a man and a father is marvelous, especially if you are their lending support and encouragement in the process (particularly when it’s reciprocated as well). With a second child, the father already exists but this time you get to observe his love in a different perspective.

I can’t begin to describe in words how overwhelmingly blessed I feel, my heart begs to explode, when I think of my girls with their father. With one daughter, my heart could barely contain the sound of giggles and excitement when her ‘papa’ would build princess forts, play Barbies and horseys, or dress up in playdoo necklaces. With two, I’ve given up hope containing my heart. It no longer exists in my body.

The remaining sanity I did have from my first child has completely deteriorated when having a second.

It’s a weird thing with kids. The only way I can describe it for myself is like the space-time continuum has folded up onto itself and opposite-world prevails.

Typically during the week, I have no idea what day it is and I really could care less. I never find myself worrying over things; frankly, it seems I just don’t have time to. I don’t mind that either.

There really is enough love.

More then enough. It’s seems cliché but the love with two is really multiplied – like shining a light into a prism. The prism with one child has 10 sides, bouncing light and love – but with 2 children there are 10,000 sides. The mirrored effect of love shining through that prism is blinding.

How can one person continue to” have it all”, everyday? I no longer question it or fear it vanishing – I only embrace it. Every moment.

If I die today, that would be ok.

I know I’ve heard the term, “Live life like there’s no tomorrow.” In the past, I had thought this meant living life recklessly, wildly. But I’ve learned that’s not it at all.

If you think about it logically, there is no tomorrow. Only today.

What does that mean…..

Living, really living – and enjoying my life, today – has become effortless. I’m not sure if that would be the case if any other path was chosen for me. Of course, no other path exist other then this one before me. What is someone to think when everything in their life feels so… right?

I’m not saying that I don’t get upset, disappointed or sad. But now that I have everything I could have ever imagined (and more), it’s challenging to hold a grudge for any amount of time. Forgive, and move on. Apologize, and move on. That’s all we really can do in life. That and of course be unconditionally, unreservedly grateful for each breath.


  1. You worded this so beautifully.

    But I disagree with saying "if I die today, that's ok". I understand your point after I read the paragraph, its just the one sentence. I know if I died today, that would not be okay with my son, because I'm his whole world.

  2. I understand where you are coming from Emily : )

    I guess I look at it in a different perspective...I know that tomorrow is not promised and that I will be a part of my daughters life for an amount of time that I have no control over. I don't put energy or worry into trying to control that length of time because I know I have no control over it - I only try embrace the moments that I am blessed to share with them : )


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