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They Have An App For That… I Mean A Vaccine For That

Vaccines Soon To Be At A Walgreens Near You !

Can’t Put Down That Tasty Cigarette? There’s a vaccine for that….

In 2009 the government announced that $10,000,000 of stimulus money would be used to fund a phase 3 clinical trial of a promising anti-smoking vaccine produced by Nabi Pharmaceuticals. [1]

Hate Those Pesky Grass Allergies? There’s a vaccine for that….

Yeah, that’s right, there are 5 pharmaceutical companies now in a race to be the first to develop a vaccine for your grass allergy. This is listed as a moderate priority for all five. [2]

Don’t forget about Alzheimer’s, no pun intended. There’s a vaccine for that…

Though a number of companies are working on an Alzheimer's vaccine, Cytos Biotechnology's Phase II CAD106 is the most advanced. AFFiRiS, Merck, Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation and United Biomedical are all pursuing an Alzheimer's vaccine, which could have a potential market of $1.15 billion by 2020. [2]

 Don’t have to worry about super bacteria any longer! There’s a vaccine for that…

Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus is a bacterium responsible for several difficult-to-treat infections in humans. It is often contracted in hospital settings and is extremely hard to treat, even with powerful antibiotics. Kalorama notes that more people in the U.S. die from MRSA infections than HIV/AIDS, emphysema or homicide. Merck has a Phase II product in the works for MRSA, while GSK's PentaStaph vaccine is in Phase I testing. 2020 sales are estimated to hit $650 million. [2]

Forget a Cure for Multiple Sclerosis, There’s a vaccine for that…

MS is an autoimmune diseases in which the immune system attacks the brain and spinal cord. It’s pretty ironic that there is going to be a vaccine for an auto-immune disorder since I can’t see it in anyway benefiting these people. Approximately 5 million people worldwide suffer from the disease, which causes muscle problems and a wide range of neurological issues. Bayhill Therapeutics' BHT-3009 and Opexa Therapeutics' Tovaxin and both in Phase II trials. The 2020 MS vaccine market could hit $1.1 billion. [2]

High Blood Pressure? Don’t worry, you don’t have to put down that salt shaker or your frosty cold beer. There’s a vaccine for that…

Hypertension, or high blood pressure, would represent a $2.4 billion vaccine market by 2020. Cytos Biotechnology's CYT006-AngQb and an unnamed drug from Protherics are both in Phase II for the disease. [2]

Can’t Abstain From Risky Sexual and Drug Behaviors? Don’t have to worry about AIDS, There’s a vaccine for that…

Vaccine researchers don’t often find themselves at the center of public controversies. But a storm has erupted over the announcement that an experimental AIDS vaccine tested in Thailand proved modestly effective. It was billed as a major scientific advance — the long-awaited hard evidence that it is possible to inoculate people against AIDS. But now the trial has been called into question in a way that is overblown and possibly destructive! [3]

Too Fat? Can’t Stop Eat Wendy’s Double Cheeseburgers? There’s a vaccine for that….
Although obesity is primarily linked to eating too many calories or burning too few, other factors may play a role, from lack of sleep to changes in stomach bacteria and now a common cold virus. Scientists in Louisiana showed that infection with human adenovirus–36 (Ad–36), long known as a cause of colds and eye infections, transformed adult stem cells obtained from fat tissue into fat cells. [4]


  1. Awesome posts! I can see why you are gaining followers - You really have no fluff posts!

    UGH why can't they just let our immune systems work. As I've said, I vaccinate against the major stuff (mainly because I don't have a strong opinion either way) but I draw the line at diseases that aren't deadly or, for gods sake, are preventable. An anti-smoking vaccine? You have to be fucking kidding me.

  2. LOL Janine - anyway they can make a dollar, you know? Plus, people don't want to have to put any effort into anything anymore other then their Iphone and the next latest craze : )


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