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Involuntary Pediatric Chemotherapy

"Current approaches to combat cancer rely primarily on the use of chemicals and radiation, which are themselves carcinogenic and may promote recurrences and the development of metastatic disease."

[Source: US Patent #5,605,930 Compositions and Methods for Treating & Preventing Pathologics including Cancer filed 3/7/94 Approved 2/25/97 Dr. Divorit Samid; The USA Dept. of HNS page 56]

Today, in a town only minutes away from the my home, a 10 year old girl is being forced to undergo chemotherapy treatment against her will and the wishes of her family.  
Even after the local County Probate Judge ruled *TWICE* in favor of the girl's parents, the hospital (Akron Children’s Hospital) continued their relentless attack against the family without any regard to what the girl and her family desired.[*][*]
After a third try, with inexhaustible funds, the hospital eventually had the ruling overturned and a hospital representative is the currently guardian of the young girl.
This story from my own hometown is alarming to say the very least. I mean, I’ve been in that hospital when I was little. My daughter has been in that hospital.
What may be more alarming is that this is not the only story of its kind.
Ladon Riddle 3yrs
<Click here to read the story>
Sarah 9 yrs
Oncologist turned mother into Child Protective Services and forced 13 months of chemotherapy even though she was cancer free.
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Daniel Hauser 13yr
A mother and her son fled after a court ruled for forced chemotherapy treatments.  
The parents said they "believe that the injection of chemotherapy into Danny Hauser amounts to an assault upon his body, and torture when it occurs over a long period of time."
<Click here to read the story>

11 yr Ontario boy taken from parents
<Click here to read the story>

A more notable case spurned the emotional and compelling 2010 documentary Cut, Poison, Burn where a family was forced to administer chemotherapy to their 4 yr old son, Thomas, after objecting to conventional treatment, choosing instead to seek out less invasive, less damaging, and less life threatening approach.
Their son was cancer free at the time of forced administration of chemotherapy.
Thomas Navarro died during the treatments. His death certificate states the cause of death as: Respiratory failure due to chronic toxicity of chemotherapy.
Neglect versus Informed Choice

Most people, myself included, have had first or second-hand experience with cancer.
Whether you’ve watched a mother or friend struggle, or if you happen to be a survivor yourself – then you understand how difficult the battle is.
In my experience, in cancer treatment (especially chemotherapy) a key element is the patient having a positive outlook and attitude on the treatment received. Forcing a chil) against their will to undergo horrendous treatment for several months is questionable and will no doubt impact any treatment’s influence over the disease.
Obviously, there are cases in which parents act irrationally without data/counsel which seriously neglects the health of a child – but these cases are not relevant to that scenario.
Cancer, not that long ago, was a rare disease and now it is a leading cause of death among Americans.
Over the century, we have dramatically altered the way we live and eat which is obviously having a significant effect on our (and our children’s) health.
Today, the majority of members in our society are freely selecting to adopt unhealthy habits. In fact, we are encouraged to do so – each one of us encouraged to let our children learn and live a lifestyle that promotes disease, while at the same time, we are losing the right to select which medical therapies to treat our children’s diseases with.
The majority of chemotherapy drugs used on children and not approved by the FDA for pediatric use and are known to be carcinogenic (meaning it causes cancer).[*][*]

Alternative Treatment

If you have witnessed someone going through chemotherapy, you know it is not a health-promoting treatment. Chemotherapy utilizes a mixture of toxins to eliminate and kill cancer cells (which also does not discriminate against the healthy cells in the body).
Getting the correct diagnosis is critical and conventional medicine excels at this. Another important factor in curing cancer is to know all your options for conventional and alternative treatments.
Chemotherapy is only one of several cancer treatments  - If you are interested in alternative treatments, start here:

It can be said with most certainty that when someone donates their time or money to a pink-ribbon walkathon or cancer charity, they believe that are doing a good thing.
They believe they are funding cancer research that is vital to curing cancer. However, the money donated to these charities perpetuates the status quo of cancer treatment (namely toxic pharmaceuticals and expensive machines).
The National Cancer Institute's annual budget was $5.2 billion (2010).
Alternative treatments that are witnessing real progress against cancer do not receive any money from the government or these charities 
The most promising cancer therapies to emerge in the past three decades from the Burzynski Clinic is all self-funded.


If you find what Akron Children’s Hospital is doing to be deplorable, consider going to their facebook page and making a public statement. You find you are not alone – adding your voice to many others who are speaking up.  

If you have not yet seen the documentary Cut, Poison, Burn – you can purchase it here or view the official trailer:

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