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Natural Mom Manifesto

Being a full-time, working mother and blogger is incredibly rewarding… and challenging.

I know as this blog gains exposure so goes hand-in-hand an increase in (sometime abrasive) criticism and more glaring disapproval.

I’m definitely not the toughest blogger on the block and I imagine I’m not alone in this respect (behind the screen is always a person with feelings and real-life situations). Sure, sometimes I’ll get anxious before publishing certain posts or I’ll struggle with how to word certain sensitive topics so I do not offend anyone (if that is even obtainable)… 

To be honest, the initial goal of this blog was to share information and research I (as a new mom and wife) came across online. From there, posts have evolved to include development of spirituality, marriage, and relationships. I do my best to provide resources (when applicable) and one of my most important goals is to become a touch-stone for like-minded mothers out there – to let them know they are part of a growing community and they are not alone.

I think one simple way to clear things up is a declaration of sorts….so this might get a bit personal.

This post is one holistic (natural, crunchy, alternative, progressive, or whichever label you prefer to use) blogging mom’s declaration of intent on behalf of her natural parenting community.

Natural Mom Manifesto

As parents, we hold a responsibility in becoming aware and knowledgeable of not only conventional options but also of alternative ones (especially within pivotal issues such as health, childbirth, nutrition, discipline, etc) in order to make a well-informed choice that will best suit the needs of our family and is in line with our personal values.

People evolve and learn at different rates and degrees over time. It is imperative we show respect to other human beings no matter their choice, circumstances or actions.

We understand that teaching our children the reverence, respect and value for life is best accomplished by modeling our own behavior and is developed overtime within our parenting choices, interpersonal-relationships, and lifestyle preferences.  

The Individual is endowed at birth with sacred, unalienable fundamental rights: personal autonomy, inherent dignity, security of person, freedom from inhuman/degrading treatment, and free will.

When certain progressive parenting styles are mentioned (such as natural birth, normal-term breastfeeding, or genital integrity) it is done because we sincerely deem these practices as beneficial (in the majority of cases) and scientifically sound. It is on no account ever to be considered ridiculing or deriding someone’s personal circumstances.

We take an active, daily approach in health and healing processes (physically and emotionally) that appreciates minimally invasive healthcare options while respecting the unique benefits of utilizing conventional care if/when necessary. Health is examined through a holistic lens and is understood that every aspect of our lives influences the outcome. 

The cornerstone of life (and parenting) is to receive each day as an opportunity to learn and love more then the day before. 

Acknowledgement of the vulnerability that comes with parenting is important. We understand that all parents are susceptible to emotional pain/hurt feelings even when the intention may not be coming from a critical source. Demonstration of compassion and kindness should never be devalued (even in cases where it is not being reciprocated).

The path of progressive parenting within a conventional community is not something a person elects spontaneously—rather, it is a way of life that persists and develops over time.

This manifesto is dedicated to each and every individual that has allowed my Light to shine brighter along this adventurous path we call parenthood.

Thank you with my whole heart and soul.


  1. Lovely! Just finished browsing your vaccine research blog as well...Bravo to you!


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