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ANTI-vaccine vs. PRO-vaccine

If you ask me, if you are someone that has chosen to delay, select or decline a vaccine(s) that does NOT necessarily make you “anti” vaccine…. although, many would find it easier and more comfortable to neatly define the group of individuals that do so into ‘conspiracy theorists’, ‘fear mongerers’ or the ever-so-popular ‘anti-vaccine’.  

 It takes much more effort and intelligence to step away from the polarization of the labels ‘anti’ and ‘pro’ and realize a common goal– and this applies to much more then vaccines…

If you breastfeed and talk about it – then you risk being labeled as ANTI-formula.

If you have a baby naturally and talk about it - then you risk being labeled as ANTI-epidural.

If you commonly employ natural remedies - then you risk being labeled as ANTI-medicine.

If you don’t vaccinate and talk about it - then you risk being labeled as ANTI-vaccine.

Questioning the ‘anti-vaccine’ label

When researching for this post, the definition I came across most for the ‘anti-vaccine’ movement was holding an ultimate goal to have as few people vaccinated as possible…for me, this raised a few questions.

Is asking our government to require more stringent tests prior to nationally recommending a vaccine for children ‘anti-vaccine’?

Is examining the benefits and risks prior to administering a vaccine ‘anti vaccine’? Or is it only ‘anti-vaccine’ when you decide the benefit is not great enough?

Is a person ‘anti-vaccine’ because they say that their child suffers from an injury caused by one? Or is it only ‘anti-vaccine’ when you observe that medical professionals seldom associate adverse events occurring hours/days following vaccination?  

Recognizing the separation

You see, it’s NOT the differences between people that result in labeling, name-calling or conflict in general…it is the polarization of separation.

So I ask of you, my readers, to remind yourself to avoid labels and if someone in your life attempts to label you be cautious in your retort.

The next time someone attempts to bait you into conflict by labeling or name calling ask yourself 2 questions before you respond:

Does this need to be said?

Can I respond out of love and kindness?

If you anwser no to either one of these then it’s better to leave it be – not just for the other person, but for you as well!  


Please be respectful. If you are about to say something that you would not let your child hear, then please refrain from saying it.