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21-Day Challenge: Meditation with Deepak

Meditation can be thought of as a technique of training the mind to quiet and focus.

Why should you consider meditation? Well, meditation is scientifically proven to be beneficial to our health. It reduces stress and anxiety while improving memory, sleep quality and problem solving (plus TONS more).

Meditation is special. While prayer helps a person talk to God, meditation allows you to receive the message and purpose.

The great thing is that everyone can meditate, no matter who they are or what religion they practice. I have tried meditation on and off for the last year but never stuck to it.

Now I am taking part in a 21-Day Challenge and I encourage you to join me!

Those who sign up will receive a daily email with a guided meditation – also a message and tips for helping you meditate.

It is totally free and designed for beginners to help develop a meditation ritual.

Click here to sign up and start with me! Also here is the Facebook page to learn more.

“A truth cannot be created, but only perceived.” – Yogananda


  1. Trying to meditate drives me crazy!!! lol I can't stop thinking! I'm sure I would benefit from it if I was really disciplined about it, but I have too many other things to do. Maybe I'll try to take it up when my son is older and doesn't need my constant attention as much. For now I'll stick with my morning sun salutations :)

    1. I'm lucky that I have time in teh morning at work, before my day starts, where I get to take 15 minutes and still my mind.

      It's nice to place intention and purpose in my life before my day starts. Although, I understand meditation isn't for everyone - you don't need to meditate to do that, I totally agree!!


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