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Carrying on Traditions

In honor of International Babywearing Week (Oct 8-14), I would like to share a little bit of why I ‘babywear’.

Believe it or not, babywearing isn’t anything new. In fact, you can find babywearing depicted in ancient hieroglyphs!

Neat, huh?

I originally started with one Moby Wrap for my first daughter and now I own several in all different styles.

I originally wanted to babywear because I had read about all of the amazing benefits – such as, regulating breathing, temperature and heart rate -- promoting bonding and communication -- and being a great tool for parenting hands-free.

There are many options out there which means every mama can find something that works for them and every baby can get the opportunity to be close to their mamas or papas.

My top two favorites are the Sleepy Wrap and my Ergo Sport.

If you want to learn more about babywearing and finding the right carrier for you, just look for a local babywearing/breastfeeding group in your town!

Enjoy your beautiful weekend friends : )

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