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I Want To Pee Alone!

If you don’t have kids, then I’m afraid you might not understand when I tell you to enjoy the 30 seconds of luxury you have when you are using the bathroom by yourself.

When you sit there - alone.

Enjoying the time when it’s just you and your thoughts.


Why does every toddler have the keen ability to know EVERY TIME you use the bathroom, even when you employ ninja-like maneuvers to avoid them on your way toward the toilet?

How about holding your pee until the point that if you take a deep breath you’ll pee your pants just to avoid the lame attempts at keeping the toilet paper roll in one piece while your child keeps grabing it?

Then it dawned on me while I was in our small half-bath while my 3 yr brushed her teeth with her stool between my feet and her younger sister playing a toy drum on my knees while my husband talked to me about what to have for dinner the next day, all while I peed -  ahhh, this must be unconditional love.

I end this post to testify with confidence – the main reason why I hold a full time job is because I like to pee alone on occasion.


  1. I told my husband last night I was going back to work so I could be alone in the bathroom and drink a soda without the glaring eyes and whines of my son wanting some.
    Your blog is great!


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