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Why I'm Not Anti-Vaccine

This might be a bit surprising, considering my personal stance on vaccinations, but I want to state that I am not anti-vaccine.

Anti-McDonalds –yes.

Anti-Vaccine – not so much.

Here’s the thing….

Despite the fact that my choice for this particular medical intervention is to decline, I do understand that there are other parents out there that believe in the benefits (out weighing risk), believe that it is the best choice for their children and choose to have their doctor administer them (all of them, selectively, or on a delay schedule).

I choose to share some of the information I come across in my reading, research and exploration of immunology and vaccinology here on this blog with the intent to disclose what I have examined – then, ultimately, let you determine and factor in where the information can be helpful in addressing your personal choice.

Let me provide an analogy…

I’m sure most of the people in my life are aware that I am a huge advocate for breastfeeding. I had breastfed my oldest close to 2 years and I am breastfeeding my youngest still, at the age of 8 months.

Although I would not recommend formula for babies or use it myself, I am not anti-formula.

I understand some mothers are not able to breastfeed or choose to use/supplement with formula for a variety of reasons.

I am, however, a proponent for women knowing the amazing benefits of breast milk. I would be happy to see companies that produce formula to replace some of the ingredients with more wholesome components. I would also love to hear that formula is packaged in BPA-free containers to make ingestion safer for infants.

I think the same goes for vaccines. I think there are very real benefits to contracting certain illnesses (such as chicken pox, measles, flu) naturally, activating the immune response the way it has been intended over thousands of years of evolution. I also think the components used in vaccine formulation should be examined more closely.   

Intentional Usefulness

I feel a vaccine has the potential to be useful – just as I feel an infant supplemental formula has the potential to be useful. Though, in my opinion, I believe both have the potential to be abused.

Would I recommend a child be fed infant formula from the day of birth, for the remainder of his/her days on this planet – not so much. That doesn’t mean that there isn’t value and benefit in some cases where formula is supplemented in a baby’s life.

Would I administer vaccines hours after an infant is born and expect them to be reliant on them for their entire life? Not so much. Do I think a vaccine, when use selectively (such as in the case of malaria) can be beneficial – yes.

Asking To Make The Decision For You

I would never ask a mother to decline a vaccine without making the decision for herself or learning more about the disease (diagnosis, treatment, prevalence, etc.). There are, conversely, many “pro-vaccine” individuals out there demanding everyone vaccinate no matter what – I think this is a bit juvenile and only proves that informing an individual prior to making a medical decision is not something they hold value in.

The choice a parent elects for their children is between them and their medical doctor. The doctor should be aware that it is responsibility engage in a dialogue about vaccines (the benefits, risks, their capabilities and their inabilities). Although many parents must research and learn for themselves prior to wellness visits, the decision is still theirs to make.

In that case, I choose to offer the information I gather in hopes to support the decision made on your behalf. Because, we all have to admit – support and encouragement is something all of us parents need from time to time.

Here are some good resources to add to your knowledge base:

Information on how to Report an Adverse Reaction

**This post reflects the research and concern that I have about vaccination.  It doesn’t represent my opinion of people who choose to vaccinate.  Please know that, while my family has made this decision, we respect the right of all parents to choose to vaccinate if they feel this is best for their child.  I don’t have all the answers.  Most of us don’t.  We’re all in the same boat in that we need to make the best decision we can with the information we have.  And, ultimately, I believe that the Divine is in control – what is meant to be will prevail, no matter our decision.

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