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Interview with a Crunchy Dad

Crunchy dads play
with tigers for fun
There are so many natural mamas out there spouting their views, experiences and information – but what about their other half? When searching for a “crunchy” dad’s perspective, I came across one current blog – yeah, only one! How sad is that?

Those natural mamas must be keeping those papas extra busy.

Last night, I gave my husband a break from my grand ideals to see what his thoughts were on some matters. Here is what transpired….

Do you consider yourself crunchy?

Dad: No.

Me: Is that all?!

Dad: It’s a true or false question, right?

Me: (giving a disapproving look)

Dad: Ok, just say yes since I go along with your schemes.

(I nod approvingly)

Crunchy dads sometimes put green
painters tape on kids mouths.

 Do you ever read this blog?

Dad: No.

Me: Be truthful now!

Dad: Ok, once or twice.

(I shake my head)
Crunchy dads are so slick that kids
don't even mind it

When reading an ingredient list, what non-acceptable ingredient do you look for first?

Dad: Partially hydrogenated oil, mono-di glycerides, MSG, artificial food coloring, high fructose corn syrup …

Me: Wait – I said the first thing.

Dad: Ok, partially hydrogenated oil then.

(I nod, and write down response cheerfully.)

Would you consider using my non-fluoride toothpaste?

Dad: No (very firmly)

 (I’ve been trying to get him to use my toothpaste for over 5 months now)

Sometimes crunchy dads even read
directions when putting things together

Do you think you’ll ever eat fast food again? (If so, when?)

Dad: After you Die


(I laugh)

Do you think it will make you poop?

Dad: I know it will; it did last time. I pooped six times after eating a Big Mac. You can put this on your blog.

(We enjoy talking about poop in our household. It always makes any problem or dilemma seem less serious)

Would you ever admit to watching the Business of Being Born?

Dad: Sure, I have.

Me: Wow

Dad: I only watched half of it though.

Me: Two-Thirds.

Crunchy dads use strollers to carry
pumpkins, not babies

What was you biggest concern over home birth?

Dad: Your jackass midwife

Me: That was your biggest concern?!

Dad: Yes.

(Curious about the response – read my Would I Choose Homebirth Again post)

Which cloth diaper do you prefer to use out of our stash?

Dad: The ones that leak all the time

Me: What?!

Dad: Ok, then say Grovia.

Me: Those don’t leak!? You mean the Bumgenius??

Dad: Yeah.

(we’ve had issues with the Bumgenius repelling, hence the leaking reference)

Crunchy dads enjoy giving hammock
swing rides

Why do you decline vaccines for your daughters?

Dad: The ingredients.

(hmm… interesting)

Did you ever think you would be fired from a doctor’s office before you met me?

Dad: No.

(he didn’t think this was funny, but I did)

crunchy dads let babies swing from
ceiling lamps

>>Break to tend to a two year old that wanted me to write her name over and over again with a purple pen.<<

Have you ever “worn” a baby?

Dad: No.

(I tease him a lot to wear the baby when mowing the grass. He never has to wear a baby since I’m the one that loves to anyways.)

What do you think about cosleeping?

Crunchy dads secretly like to cosleep

Dad: I disagree with it, for personal reasons.

Me: Personal reasons?!?

Dad: It has its benefits though.

(I bet the ‘personal reasons’ my husband lists for not promoting cosleeping is the same reasons why I enjoy it so much)

Do you know what BLW stands for?

Dad: No?

What’s the craziest thing your wife has ordered in the mail?

Dad: That booger sucker thing

Me: Ahhh, a Nose Frida. (laughs)

Dad: You should put a picture on of it on your blog by this answer.

Me: I already do – though its on my ‘Things I Love’ page

What’s the best parenting advice you have?

Dad: I don’t have a good answer for this.

Me: That’s honest. I like that answer.

If you could tell my readers one thing about me, what would you tell them?

Dad: That you are very passionate about your beliefs which makes you a pain in my ass.

Me: Hmm (smiling)

my other half

>>Break to bounce Charlotte up and down, do some tickling, and draw a few more letters with Elizabeth<<

Let me give you a word or phrase and you tell me what comes to mind first –


Dad: Common place

(Me: making weird looks)

Diaper Sprayer

Dad: Weird

Me: These are the first things to come to mind? You aren’t doing this right.

Crunchy dads don't mind being forced
into photo-ops


Dad: Yucky

Me: I don’t think you understand

Oil Cleansing Method

Dad: Wacky

Me: Ugh.

Homemade Deodorant

Dad: Crazy

Pox Party

(me laughing)

Dad: Stupid

Crunchy dads love nature walks

(I do not promote ‘pox parties’ – for me, personally, I would not purposefully seek out ill children to subject my kids to, but I do understand why some parents do it.)

Cow’s Milk

Dad: Yum!

Me: What?! !!

My husband has always been there to support me, even when I come up with some pretty wacky holistic ideas and plans – he has the courage to man up and take one for the team (though, there may be some whining involved at the beginning).

I want to take this time to say thank you and that I love you.


  1. That was fun. My husband isn't what I would call crunchy, but I'm about as crunchy as they come. He's supportive of my parenting decision, but doesn't understand or want to talk about them all that much (vaccines, for example). He was fine with our homebirth and thinks EC is pretty cool, but doesn't take the baby to the potty.

  2. Wow! Kuddos to you for being able to do EC with a semi crunchy papa LOL

  3. Cool! I think I'm going to ask my husband now too.. see what he says haha.


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