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You Might Be a ‘Crunchy’ Parent if….

1.You know what an amber teething necklace is and you own one.

2.You own one of the following: “How to Raise a Healthy Child in Spite of Your Doctor” or “The Vaccine Book” by Dr. Sears.

3.You would happily breastfeed someone else’s child if they asked you to.

4.You have a load of laundry in the washer that consists of Bumgenius, Grovia, or prefold diapers.

5.You know that Hypnobabies is not hypnosis for babies.

6.You know more then 5 herbs that help increase milk production - and your husband knows at least 3.

7.You’ve asked the Crunchy Mama’s birth board about sperm friendly lubricant.

8.You visited a chiropractor more often during pregnancy then an OBGYN office.   

9.You check hand sanitizers to make sure they do not contain triclosan.

10.Your child’s birthday cake was an organic homemade banana bread recipe.

11.You insist on not wearing sunscreen purely for the benefits of getting as much vitamin D as possible.

12.You refuse to consume cow's milk unless its raw and organic.

13.You own a Nose Freda and have given one as a baby shower gift.

14.You’ve eaten and know the benefits of grass fed beef.

15.You know that the Diva Cup is not a fancy woman chalice.

16.You’ve written a nasty letter to the water company for adding fluoride in the water and then charging you for it.

17.You have considered going the day without antiperspirant because of what you’ve learn the day before about aluminum.

18.You own more then 3 baby carriers and have made your own ring sling.

19.You use honey, eucalyptus and saline solution for cold 'medicine'.

20.At least one of your children was born on the floor of your living room, intentionally.

21.You’ve seriously considered sending your children to a Waldorf school that’s 50 minutes away.

22.Your birth control method consists of NFP.

23.You are an Intactivst and you don’t have a son.

24.You know what Elimination Communication is even though you’ve never done it.

25.You co-sleep, willingly... to a toddler.

26.You have an account with Rose Mountain Herbs.

27.You know your local farmers by first name.

28.You’ve gone No Poo.

29.You have a link on your favorites tab for homemade cough lollipops. (Thanks Brittany
30.You’ve breastfed exclusively for the first six months of life and have employed the BLW technique.
31.You make your own shampoo, mouthwash and multi-purpose cleaners.

32.Your children are on an alternative vaccination schedule.

33.You could add 5 more bullet points to this list  


  1. Anonymous12/28/2011

    Bonus points if your husband can answer yes to most of these too:) Mine couldn't list off 5 herbs for nursing but knew fenugreek, suggested barley, and knew that "one that tastes like licorice".

  2. Amen. I giggled at some of these, because it's so true.

  3. Anonymous12/28/2011

    Your baby's first food isn't made by Gerber.

    You carry a printout of the Dirty Dozen in your grocery shopping bag.

    You've thrown out every old school conventional cleaning product in your house.

    You don't burn scented candles in the house.

    You've got the EWG bookmarked.

    You've banned Teflon.

    You let your babies run naked in the summer sunset to get their vitamin D.

    You drop $30 a month on probiotics.

    Your kid calls regular milk "cow's milk" because his regular milk is goat's milk.

    You've spent more than you're willing to admit on an organic mattress for your child.

    The trashcan in your baby's room sits empty because you use neither disposable diapers nor disposable wipes.

    You give away your child's battery-powered toys when they're not looking.

    You know more about reverse osmosis than is necessary for cocktail party conversation.

    You would marry your Neti-pot if you weren't already married to your husband.

  4. Anonymous12/29/2011

    Yup :D

  5. Thanks everyone for the comments! I couldn't agree more with the one about if your husband can anwser yes to these lol

  6. I'm a new mom (my son is 3 weeks old today) and I can already answer yes to most of these, as can my husband.

    Oh, you also know your crunchy if your post partum emotional support comes from an encapsulated placenta. ;) Thanks Pure Love!

  7. congrats on your new baby Elizabeth!!!!

  8. Ok so i see the pic of homemade bread and it looks like the rolls from golden question is, is that they type of bread they are? And if so, I WANT THE RECIPE!! i love them!!! and love baking

  9. I can't say I've eaten at the Golden Corral lol - but it's just a standard bread recipe : )

  10. Oh wow, I have just been TTC for a few years and I can say yes to most of those things, been making my own diapers, and wipes, and burping cloths, soap, toothpaste, mouthwash, and cough drop lolipops ( for me!) and experimenting with healthy cooking in preparation for when it happens lol, perhaps I will be a crunchy mom Someday!

  11. Loved this! I fit the bill. So proud!

  12. Hahahah this is so in tune with something I wrote a while back:

    ... Except I feel positively middle of the road now - lol.


  13. OK I really need this cough drop recipe!!

    I had no idea I was so crunchy!! lol

  14. Also, you might find it interesting to see the discussion your post generated on my fb page here:


  15. HEre is the cough drop recipe from The Pistacio Project:

  16. i'm definitely not crunchy [in my mind] but do several things on your life. my favs include: breastfeeding 17 months and counting, ECing my child from birth, growing and eating my own veggies / cows / pigs / chickens, and the pizza dough thing is a given!

  17. Hahaha love it. Even though I'm just now pregnant with my 1st I'm already heading down this path as I know what all of these are and agree with most of them :-) I don't just know what Hypnobabies is, I teach it! ;-)

  18. I'd love to learn to make my own shampoo and toothpaste! Tried dishwasher soap and it just didn't work in the long run despite tons of tweeking. :(
    But I clean with vinegar! lol

  19. You ate your placenta and bragged about it

  20. Great list!

    Can you give me details on honey water? We didn't know better & let my toddler get hooked on 50% juice/50% water. We've managed to get it down to 75% water & 25% juice, but now he doesn't drink as much and his output is lower. He LOVES honey & peanutbutter sandwiches, so he'd probably like honey water.

    We use raw local honey. I don't know if that makes a difference.

    How would I go about mixing him a glass of honey water?

    Thanks! My email is

  21. homemade cough drop lollipops recipe???? how fabulous, please share link!!!

  22. bopbop- stay tuned, i plan on posting my recipes for shampoo, conditioner, cloth friendly diaper rash ointment, lip balm, home made cleaner and more!!

    stephanie - we just mixed a spoonful of honey in warm water then put ice cubes in it. we did this bc my daughter was a bit hoarse.

  23. wow! I've found somewhere I belong! : )

  24. Love that list! I could say yes to a lot of them.

    Dagmar's momsense

  25. A friend of mine pointed to your list as a "quiz", and I didn't actually rank that high on your crunchiness scale, but I think that's because I'm vegan and my list would probably look more like Robynsnests. Also, I had oversupply so never needed the herbs, DS has never been sick enough to need a Nose Freda or coughdrops in any form, and we don't use any sunscreen at all, just a timer and judicious alternation between both direct sun for Vitamin D and shade for sunburn prevention. 13 months in So Cal and my little guy has a gentle tan but has never even been so much as a hint of pink after a day outside ;)

  26. Hilarious! I just found your blog from TFB, and I'm so glad I did. I definitely answered "yes" to most of these. :)


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