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Death As The Ultimate Teacher

To me, death is a teacher whose wisdom and simplicity can be humbling. It seems humanity, as a whole, fears death, hides it away; however, death is inevitable.

This resistance to an inevitable part of nature brings a certain amount of pain and discomfort. Many people see death as the enemy.

Keeping death as a companion and teacher instead of an enemy may change priority and perspective.

Death can become a great teacher of life.

Petty arguments cease.

Forgiveness comes easy. Seeking forgiveness comes easy.

With death standing close to us we are reminded of what is most precious. 

When the five senses are stilled,
that is the enlightening state.

When the timeless Self, beyond all perception, hidden in the cave of the heart,
leaves pain and pleasure far behind...
When the traveler who is intimate with Death but has yet to pass the mountain peak,
To yet experience the soul soar with unbound freedom,
Whispers concluding words,
“Love one another.”


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