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11 Odd Statistics About Turning 30

In celebration of my fabulous 30th birthday.... I bring to you the following bizarre statistics regarding the lovely age of 30.
  1. The average person has had 7.5 jobs, and you'll have 2.4 more by age 35.
How does someone have a .5 job? Didn’t anyone teach this person to round up or down when it comes to people, places and things?
  1. At age 30, you're older than 42 percent of Americans.
But I feel older then about 80% of the population, especially when someone brings up that damn Jersey Shore show or if I attempt to listen to the radio…
  1. You're 26 percent less likely to make a New Year's resolution in your 30s... but if you do make one, you're 26 percent more likely to stick to it.
Does anyone care about New Years resolutions except on actual New Years Eve and the week following?
  1. 45 percent will own a firearm in their 30s.
Probably because the majority now can’t whoop someone’s ass just by doing a reverse roundhouse to the face without either pulling a muscle or ripping their pants.
  1. 96 percent of gay people have realized they're gay by age 30.
I’m confused that there are people out there that are apparently attracted to the same sex, enjoy musicals and have no idea they are gay.
  1. 0.036 percent of people are in elementary school at age 30.
I wonder if this percentage changes state by state, for instance –West Virginia.
  1. One out of 33 men and one out of 25 women are virgins at age 30.
Could be fair to say of this percentage, 90% is morbidly obese and can’t find his or her lady/male parts and will remain a virgin until death. (that's terrible, I know)
  1. 81 percent of women and 71 percent of men have been married by age 30 (and 16 percent of each have been divorced).
64% are still unhappily married
  1. The most common way to die at age 30 is by accident.
Statistics are fun; 29 percent of people who die at age 30 die in an accident. It's followed by suicide at 12 percent, homicide and cancer tied at 10 percent, then heart disease at seven percent…unless you eat mcdonalds and taco bell more then twice a week…
  1. 30 is the average age of retirement for NFL players.
Ugh, I don’t like football anyways
  1. The odds you'll make it to your late 30s are 99,003 out of 100,000, or 99.003 percent.
How fun to look forward to my late 30’s, yippie!!!

Source of these statistics come from here.

1 comment:

  1. OMG this was a riot but your comments were even funnier! thanks for sharing! happy 30th!


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